My work seeks to scrutinize, question and (de/re)construct systems that hold the personal in relationship to the social, spiritual and ecological. I’m interested in making the subconscious, the invisible, and consequences of the unknown accessible in the performing body—activating these energetic sublayers and seeing if there’s integration across multiple spheres of consciousness both for personal process and for performance work. Another way to describe it is that my art right now is a study in displacement, and I simultaneously study my life in a state of displacement (like an adult baby on a new planet learning to walk in foreign gravity or an idiot or a prophet). Visible manifestations of my work range from contemporary performance for a stage, public interventions and ritual experiences to traditional Mexican Folkloric dance, which was my entry into dance and performance.

In the five years I lived in San Francisco, I derived much of my energy from the vibrant communities (and ideas of communities) that abound there: permaculture, sexual, spiritual, activist, queer, etc. Berlin is newer to me, and I’m excited to continue absorbing/infecting my fellow displaced/ing colleagues in art and life.

Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos is a dancer, performance artist and choreographer living and working in Berlin and San Francisco.

Currently he performs in Sketches/Notebook with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods; The Love of Emptiness, a solo with Sara Shelton Mann  created in San Francisco; and TURBULENCE-a dance about the economy with Keith Hennessy

Keith Hennessy
. He’s also worked as a performer with Christine Bonansea (SF), Sommer Ulrickson (Santa Cruz, CA/Berlin), Mark Franko (Santa Cruz, CA), Nathaniel Justiniano/Naked Empire Bouffon Company (SF), and many other collaborators.

Jorge recently opened the Tanztage Berlin 2014 Festival with the premiere of a group piece entitled “Departing Things” and presented a new solo called “Conduit” for the Sacre 100 conference at Hebbel am Ufer this past November.  Since 2010 he has shown three different sketches of Leakage Study, a time-based installation pertaining to body fluids, and in 2009, he produced the performance experiment  STICK through a residency at the short-lived but catalytic Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory in San Francisco.

His work as an improviser has also been presented at an engagement with Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in 2011, various improvisations with Maria Francesca Scaroni and Katja Mustonen and then with Meg Stuart in the San Francisco installment of Auf den Tisch in 2011.

Jorge was born in Los Angeles, studied Cultural Anthropology at UC Santa Cruz, and co-organized a live-work performance incubator/community space with THEOFFCENTER, a decentralized artist collective in San Francisco dedicated to incubating queer performance/discourse. He has also written articles and interviews for the publications In Dance (SF),Dance Theatre Journal (London), and blog.